First Virtual Reality Tool For Gym Training

Immerse yourself into the biggest experience ever. Become a training center in the biggest technology showed up ever in the world with the mix between sports and technology! This software contains all the necessary to immerse yourself in an unlimited virtual world where all the stimulus will ease the performance of quantified and objective sport thanks to our two great experience: Dynamics & Personal Trainer.

Set up already a virtual corner in your training center!

What is Training Worlds?


Personal Trainer

Experience where you can realize different strength trainings in several environments, would you like to train on a skyscraper or on the Siberian mountains with the best trainers in history? Everything you can imagine… NOW it’s possible.

Thanks to the agreement between Virtual 360 Fit and EMS Revolution we have designed 20 minutes training sessions. Put your VR googles and your EMS Revolution electrofitness suit on and your training will multiply by the factor 4.


Dynamic Experience

Unlimited experience focus to gyms where we can interact by land, sea and air with different tools (static or elliptical bike, rowing machine…). Our mechanic effort generated by the sport tools will be translated to the virtual reality creating a total disconnection of the real world and immersing us in the huge virtual world.

Always updated

Our engineering, design and sports professional team will generate and update continuously different environments, trainers and game modalities so your clients will enjoy this experience limitless and never get bored.

New Environments

More trainers

More game modalities

What else can you expect from Training Worlds?

Circuit Experience (Proximamente)

We are developing an in the world unique training circuit, where each training tool has been proven. You have to complete all to pass to the next level. Do you think you are fit enough to succeed all our Virtual 360 Fit levels?

Virtual Gym (Proximamente)

First virtual gym in the world where, once you get in, we’ll modify your environment into an new outside exercise in the real world. VR images, binaural sounds and physic elements will carry you off the city, to amazing spots all over the world. You’ll be savor every exercise and will make your daily training in no time.

What the package contains?

Gafas VR alta calidad (HTC Vive)
HTC Vive Package (Googles, controllers and sensors)
Ordenador VR de alta calidad*
VR compatible computer

7th generation Intel i5, RAM 16gb, Graphic card GTX 1060 or higher, SSD HardDrive 256Gb, HDD HardDrive 1 Tb + Monitor (optional)

Licencia software paquete Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer Package Software License
Licencia software paquete Personal Trainer
Dynamic Experience Package Software License
1x encoder
1x Encoder
2x velocímetros
2x Speedometers
SCOSCHE USA Pulsometer
1x antifog liquid
20x protectores gafas VR
20x VR googles protectors
VR googles cover
1x Liquido antiempañamiento
Wall designs (vinyls)
Continuous updates

Our partners

Custom Projests

Share your needs with our professional engineers, designers and sportsmen team to set you a custom budget without any sell compromise.

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